Renewable Energy

renewablesRenewable energy solutions have become efficient and competitive worldwide. It’s now the proper timeframe to deliver all of their radical impact to the economies of emerging countries, their environment, their balance of trade and ultimately their independence.

We were born with traditional energy and we were among the quickest to jump on the Energy Change.

We deal with all the main energy sources, like waste, wave, hydro, solar and wind. Our range of services covers design and engineering, advisory, arrangement on power stations and grid connections, with a strong foothold on smartgrids solutions and implementations.

Moreover we also look with interest to all the innovative solutions that will eventually be available in the future.



  • First smart grid implementation in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, involving the field testing and successful release of an original patent for the utilization of broadband over powerline, making possible the remote control of lines, current, meter, transformers and dispatching over the existing power cables (MV/LV).
  • Technical and economical feasibility and implementation of an innovative system, to capture on shore the mechanical energy of waves, to be transformed in electrical power.
  • In Eastern Europe we contributed to the successful trials of a revolutionary chemical system to burn waste and low grade coal at zero emission (CO2 included with a sequestration process).


  • We are dealing with the development of renewable energy projects in various emerging countries of South Asia and Africa, BOTH UPSTREAM AND DOWNSTREAM (i.e. e-mobility)