Our Approach

Built on 5 main building blocks, SOWER (Special Operations for World Energy Rangers) provides quick access to market for renewable power in various tropical/equatorial regions.


  • SONAR – A permanent dashboard system to monitor all of the countries falling into this specific geography in terms of macroeconomics (public finance, trade balance, currency, political stability) and energy policy (plans, tariff, call for action), to be combined to provide early warning signals of sound attractiveness
  • ENER.NET5th – A local-based network of experienced and referenced technical, professional and political interfaces, able to quickly react on short notice, in every potential target country
  • BEACHHEAD – A pre-agreed model of local company players, shared with WER, aimed to act as a rapid beachhead in case of a fast projection initiative, with strategically established local partners
  • RANGER – The projection of a small special operation force, able to deliver a plan to build up all the local start-up infrastructure, heading for a short permitting (and relative needs) path. Months, not years, to get a first ready-to-build project delivered (5-20 MW)
  • GOASHORE – With the RANGER phase delivered, the capability to scale up and repeat, on larger basis (20 MW and multiples) with all the experimented interfaces (authorities, land owners, banks, regulators, subcontractors).
    To be able bring on field, larger (and usually slower) forces (investors, industrial players, builders, EPCs).

This methodology, carefully field tested, provides any large international player with all the operational advantages of a compact, agile and cross functional projection team, with a reduced cost/time of execution, where the largely dominant cost share are credited as a success fee. In a typical deal, not more then 10%  of the total SOWER Program cost is paid as a work-in-progress, linked to pre-emptively shared execution milestones. In other words, more than 90% is agreed as success fee costs.