We are currently involved in the development of a major electric mobility project in South Asia. The project starts from Sri Lanka with 100’000+ Vehicles, it’s aimed to professional users (three wheelers taxi drivers) and coupled with the development of renewable energy capacity (at least 20MW).


  • Overall, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are cheaper than Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles
  • No EVs without recharge network, No recharge network without EVs. We can break the loop, if we bring in them both
  • The mass three wheelers taxi of South Asia (dense, 40+ M) is the core market to get the possibility to make a huge return on both. Three wheelers are small EVs, with small battery and reduced requirement for fast/swap refill station, used mostly in urban range, just by professional and cost conscious drivers
  • Since the EVs have hi capex/low opex, the three wheelers (lowest capex EV) offers too the shortest path to a full fledge PAYG (Pay As You Go) system, which matches the user requirement (lower than fossil all-in operational cost, no/low upfront), while financing the network and offering a short payback period to investors

We are not going to spread e-Tuk Tuks just by selling them, but rather by making a system for selling them and by constructing the environment they need