What we do

A Beachhead is a temp line, created when a unit reaches a landing beach by sea and begins to defend the area until a bigger unit, large enough to begin advancing, has arrived.

WER is a renewable energy contractor  unit, ideally suited to setup a safe beachhead, to deliver huge results in the fight on fossil fuel and global warming, until larger units have arrived and can win the war.

WER is a global player: by culture, experience, methodology and people involved is naturally targeting exotic geographies and unconventional technologies, beyond the received wisdom lines.

WER is structured in a politicall/macroeconomic analyst unit, a technology&strategy command and a local front line team. With rapid engagement potential in a number of countries, in Asia, Africa and Latin America and deep roots in tropical/equatorial politics and economics, matched by sofisticated technology solutions

In a nushell: think of it as a renenergy special operations force.


tropical belt2



Country’s of tropical/equatorial region are very actractive for investors since they all:

  • Experiment a high growth rate for power demand
  • Have a sky high benchmark cost (diesel generation through obsolete, inefficient, and small plants)
  • Suffer of severe constrains in terms of available hard currency to finance the import of fossil fuels
  • Provide with national plans, incentives and sovereign guarantees
  • Host local/development banks, very often relatively open for project finance on core infrastructure