World Energy Rangers to develop an e.mobility Project in Sri Lanka

Colombo, July 29 2015


In the context of the general commitment to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions, the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, has launched an initiative aimed at 3-wheels mass transportation.
Currently there are almost 1 million Tuk Tuk operating in the country, mostly powered by cheap ICE engines, generating a big level of pollution.

WorldEnergyRangers,  a company active in the field of Renewable Energy, with a relevant and long-standing experience in the development, management and coordination of projects for the production of sustainable energy and main focus on the emerging countries in the tropical and equatorial area has partnered with the local authorities as well as the Colombo Taxi Driver Association to plan for a possible implementation, in the 2017-2020 timeframe, of a fleet of powered by swappable batteries.

The project also includes a network of “recharge / battery swap stations” as well as route-optimisation software.




The initiative was presented on July 11, 2015 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Convention Center, in the context of the national taxi-drivers congress, and was also attended by the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, mr. Patali Champika Ranawaka.




“With its stable political environment, growing economy and focus on renewable energies, Sri Lanka represents the perfect country to begin the roll-out of our global e.tuktuk initiative” – said Mr. Herman Zampariolo, President of WorldEnergyRangers.

“After a complete market survey, and signing of all needed agreements, we will go back to the drawing board to better adapt the vehicle to local requirements, and plan to begin the field testing phase during 2017. We are investigating 3D printing technology for the early phase, and expect ramp up production (in a traditional, local plant) to an average of 25.000 vehicles/year beginning in 2018”

The implementation of 3-wheels e.mobility in Colombo is expected to decrease “fuel” (energy) cost for drivers of about 25%, while globally reduce CO2 emission by about 650 t/year.

Founded in 2014, WorldEnergyRangers focuses on Renewable Energy and e.mobility projects, with a current pipeline of more than 800 MW of Solar Projects in Kazakhstan, DRC and a yet-undisclosed European country.  For Further Information contact  M.Barsotti, WorldEnergyRangers Cote d’Azur bureau, +33 6 4287789